Thursday, January 9, 2014

HENNA: Food and Health Reading Resources

Bism Illah

The website, Weston A Price Foundation, has a wealth of information on food and health that is very enlightening. In addition, the book Nourishing Traditions was recommended to me by a dear sister, and has proved to be well in line with our own nutritional research and ideologies. This one simple book covers everything from the chemistry of food groups to vitamin supplements, cookware to critique of famous eating theories, food quality to recipes. It is highly recommended reading and will enable any reader of this blog to understand the reasoning behind what is posted under HENNA and in the soon to be added Resources page. However, please understand that we take from these resources what is good and in line with the tenets of Islam. All that opposes Islam and what is legislated therein is exempt from our recommendation and should be disregarded/discarded.

Another great blessing is the recent article on Health and Sickness in the Light of Islaam. We have been waiting for such an article to be written, maashaa Allah. It is only when Muslims understand that the food they eat and their eating habits are an integral part of their Islaam, that inshaa Allah, lasting, positive change will come about. Islaam guides us to the prevention, which in itself is the cure.

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