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HENNA One Week Rejuvenating Cleanse

Bism Illah.

A cleanse should not deprive the body of food or nutrients. Rather, it should bombard the body with powerful foods that empower the system to cleanse, heal, and thrive. This is based on Islam – we simply replace the bad with the good, and open the door to barakaat, inshaa Allah. In addition, the Prophet’s way of eating was an ideal, which we would do well not to mess with, so healthy protein should be included in the form of meat, poultry, and eggs. It should include milk if it was raw, but as it is transformed into a dead food (and usually a hormone and anti-biotic laden one, too), it might be counterproductive in a cleansing/rejuvenating  diet. After the week, seek out raw milk if possible. Barring that, focusing  more on yogurt, laban, kefir, and cheese, is a way to troubleshoot the milk issue as they are cultured, and so more readily digestible. Avoid all refined products – this includes crystalline sugar. Honey or date syrup are both fine and nutritious sweeteners, in moderation.

This cleanse is derived from many different nutritional theories, but much of this based on a completely wholefood diet incorporating live foods (macrobiotics), cultured and fermented foods (probiotics), raw, and highly alkaline foods (non-acid forming). It draws on most healthy practices, but is generally in line with the book Fit for Life. Please remember that it is just for a week. After that, keep the things that really work for you and make adjustments that are more comfortable for your lifestyle AND healthy.

First Thing
a.m. Snack
p.m. Snack
Warm water with squeezed wedge of fresh lemon

Smoothie – see base recipe in notes below
Bee pollen – 1 teaspoon per adult, 2-3 grains for children.
Fruit salad, fresh carrot apple and ginger juice, any piece of fruit, herbal infusion, fennel, thyme, mint,  or green tea
Master salad – see basic guidelines in the notes below
Handful of raw nuts, trail mix,
fresh coconut,  dates, herbal infusion, fennel, thyme, mint, or green tea
Meat and vegetable stew
Baked sweet potatoes with stir fried veggies with cashews
Chicken and roasted vegetables
Chunky vegetable and potato stew
Lasagna – vegetable or meat and vegetable (use zucchini strips instead of pasta.)
Grilled burgers or fish with green beans in red sauce and marinated Mediterranean vegetable kabobs
Spicy lamb, squash, and okra stew

Breakfast - From morning up to lunch time, only fruit – this makes the first half of your day, after fasting overnight, a period of elimination and cleansing while providing the body with natural vitamins, minerals, and sugars to energize and hydrate. There is no need to drink water, unless thirsty, during this morning period as everything has a high water content.

Morning Snack – the morning snack stays in the fresh fruit category.

Lunch - If lunch is your lighter meal and dinner is the heavier one, then focus on making the lunch a master salad. This will be a salad filled with a variety of colors (think of things like tomatoes, raw grated beets, carrots, radishes, avocado, and colored peppers for bright color amongst the greens) and some live food – sprouted beans or wheat berries, nuts, seeds of some sort and cilantro/parsley. Also try to include some fermented food such as kimchee, sauerkraut, grated carrot, etc. Cilantro is important because it rids the body of buildup of metals. Use a dressing based on apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice, olive oil, herbs, a little mustard if you like, sea salt and pepper.
Avoid grains during this week unless they are sprouted, such as sprouted wheat, barley, or millet. That means no rice, bread, or flour products, or oats - unless sprouted
Afternoon Snack – Afternoon snacks should be energizing and nutrient packed. Keep on hand a trail mix made up of raw nuts, unsulfured dried fruit like figs, apricots, raisins, and dates (actually dates are the safest because the other dried fruits are usually sulfured), and some date/nut balls or date coconut balls. The dried fruits are concentrated carbohydrate; they don’t fall into the same category as the fresh fruit in the morning. It could also be a glass of laban, raw milk, or a cup of plain yogurt...or yogurt and cucumber salad with mint and garlic.

Dinner - This is where you eat the hot meal of cooked food. This should leave you feeling satisfied and comfortable so you don’t eat again until breakfast time. This meal should be food combined, so don’t mix proteins with carbohydrates. Either a carbohydrate meal of vegetables and potatoes (sweet potatoes are better because they don’t hold onto pesticides) or poultry, meat, fish, or eggs with vegetables. Chunky stews, either including meat, or starches like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or butternut squash work well. Also baked sweet potatoes with stir fried veggies and cashews or almonds. There are some meals listed in the Dinner section of the chart, but they are only suggestions. 


Smoothie - The smoothies in this menu contain only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds (with some spices). The most popular and sustaining smoothie we enjoy is this:

¼ cup raw almonds (soaked for 24 hours, or overnight, in water)
Dash of vanilla
Tablespoon flax meal (only include this if you will drink it immediately)

Blend with a cup of water until creamy

Then add frozen bananas to the top of the blender and a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon. Blend until thick and creamy. We eat this like soft serve ice cream (and call it “Better than Ice-Cream” and it’s really popular with babies, maashaa Allah)

For any smoothie, use a base of raw almonds with water for your cream base and add the fruits and vegetables, vanilla, cinnamon, or other warm spices. The basic smoothie can have less banana and some other sweet  fruit added, as well as a bunch of raw spinach or broccoli  to make a delicious green smoothie. Complimentary fruits are apples, pears, strawberries, grapes. pineapple, mango, and kiwi.

Fruit salad - Cut up the fruits into small pieces: a selection with a base of apple or pear with orange, kiwi, peaches or nectarines, mango, pomegranate, etc. Keep this in a big bowl in the fridge ready for any sweet treat, snack attack. It is far more appealing than a simple piece of fruit. 

Juice – If you have a juicer, then a mid-morning carrot apple and ginger juice will make your eyes POP open and your brain sizzle. 6 large carrots to one apple to 1 inch of ginger. Ahhh!

Sprouts – Brown or green whole lentils sprout very easily, as do fenugreek and sesame seeds. If you sprout mung beans, you will have the ever popular bean sprouts that are so often in stir fries. You can also sprout wheat berries, which are sweet and delicious, or whole barley. 

And Allah is the One who gives Healing and Success!

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