Friday, September 18, 2015

August 2015 Developments

Non-stop activity and a to-do list that overwhelmed us, we started the month focusing on getting the shipping container, called The Shelter, organized and kitted out. It is to function as an emergency shelter, with a complete kitchen and storage, with sleeping facilities for our family of six. We bought six large 4 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft shelves to store our belongings and food in an organized manner. Over the early days we bought two sets of bunk beds (second hand), a futon sofa, and a gas stove. We stocked shelves with food, got the kitchen and Berkey water filter set up, and were in business. We set up a privacy tent in the back to house a composting toilet and The Shelter was good to go, al hamdulillah. 

We then dug a large 3 x 6 x 3 hole for our composting. We used the dirt to fill 17 tires for planting. We also weeded and prepared to straw covered planting beds and made 6 more planting beds.

We used our telephone poles, given to us last summer by Springer Electric, to outline our private cemetery, so it is clearly marked. Alhamdul'Illah, we do not have to bury in a casket and can have completely Islamically compliant burials.

Corner posts went in for the 23 acre plot and for a 2 .2 acre livestock corral on the 28 acre side. The 2,2 acre corral was then fenced in with goat and sheep fence and a gate put up.

19-21 August: Went to Dallas, TX for our first job doing Permaculture evaluations for some land sites being considered by a family friend.

22 August: received 40ft shipping container to be used as a masjid, In striving to emulate the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, our first priority after established safe shelter was to have a masjid. Masjid Al Muqarraboon is now at Healing Earth - al hamdulillah!

22 August: While trying to adjust the position of the masjid to be more exactly in line with the qiblah, our recently purchased Ford Excursion burned to the ground with 500lbs of chicken feed, most of our electronics, and many other belongings inside - al hamdulillahi Rabb il aal ameen! Nobody was hurt and it was a test greeted with gratitude and patience. What a purification, expiation, and elevation bi idhn Illah!

The fire and replacing certain key things like the organic feed, phones, and computers changed the near term plans by the Will of Allah. We had to postpone getting the next shipping container, which was to be the barn for our dairy cow and bull calf, and also postpone the training and purchase of the cow and calf until spring 2016, However, we turned our focus on planting for autumn, looking for smaller animals, and setting us a shop front/office space in the village to serve as our homeschooling center and online teaching base for Shariyf. Rent is $50 per month, internet and phone are reliable, and it has a glass store front window so we can use it to display our goods for sale, inshaa Allah. Allah is ever Merciful and all success lies with Him alone.

Upon Arrival: July 2015

This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you an idea of what we have done since arriving in the USA on 8 July 2015.

10 July: got our 10 cylinder Ford Excursion and drove with all our belongings from Northern Virginia to Pennsylvania to pick up our 28ft travel trailer

11 July: started our 4-day, cross country drive to New Mexico while fasting the days of Ramadhaan

14 July: arrived in Roy and stayed at the village bed and bath, until we got water

16 July: Started unpacking and setting up a storage tent for our boxes of belongings

17 July: Eid Al Fitr: Went to Amarillo, TX for 3 days, to see the Muslim community

19 July: returned to Healing Earth to receive a delivery of four 1,650 gallon water tanks and a manual water pump. Placed 3 water tanks on 23 acre plot and one more on the 28 acre plot

21 July: welcomed Shariyf's mother and aunt who visited for 9 days

24 July: Camper Shell

25 July: drove to Colorado Springs to purchase blue egg laying chickens from a British man - 20 organically fed beautiful hens nearly ready to lay and a handsome rooster to rule the roost, maashaa Allah!

26 July: added roosting bars to their chicken coop and started putting up chicken wire around our fruit tree orchard for their foraging area

30 July: Delivery of 40 foot shipping container - to be used as our emergency shelter and kitchen. Moved RVs to form a small yard area