Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Small but Lofty: Additions to our homeschooling schedule.

Our homeschooling curriculum is always evolving to improve and provide the framework and content for excellence in Islaam. We are developing it, not only for our own children, but as a prototype for other families.We seek Allah's Guidance and Aid for success in this - ameen!

We have added ten precious minutes to our daily schedule: 5 minutes for Salat ad-Dhuha before classes start in the morning followed by another 5 minutes for a daily ta'aboor (assembly) in which one of the students does a 5 minute presentation of an ayah or hadith of their choosing, telling why they chose it and it's significance to them. It is done on a rotation basis so everyone gets a chance to present regularly. This builds up their confidence in speaking, communicating ideas, and encourages them to identify the personal connections they make. They also have the added reward of sharing/teaching good - something huge in itself maashaa Allah!

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