Monday, October 12, 2015

The other side of farming

Often people romanticize about living off the land, being a farmer, or or even studying abroad. While these things are wonderful, the reality is there is another side to everything most people hear about or see.

On Saturday, the 10th of October, went to our first dairy cow class at Five Nine Heifer Farm in Questa, NM. You can learn more about them at: Joy and Robert train cows, people, sell trained cows, and loads more. If you want a family cow, and need to learn from knowing nothing to becoming a professional, Joy and Robert are the people to see.

The following pictures might make you rethink about owning a family cow, but it's better to rethink now before you bring her home. We had to perform internal exams on a pregnant and a non-pregnant cow. There are many reasons why this must be done; they are mostly the same reasons they are preformed on humans.

I'm sure some will have questions, so don't be shy to ask. That look on my face isn't fear, I'm just focused, lol.

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