Saturday, August 12, 2017

We are family

Ramadan started with a week of activity, with Shariyf flying to Pennsylvania to help load up two moving trucks.  June 3rd he set out in one of the two trucks, his sister Monica driving the other, to move his mother, aunt, sister, and nephew (Tagshier)  to Roy. They arrived on June 5th, and after two years living on our farm, Allah has blessed us with all Shariyf’s immediate family living within 5 miles of us, al hamdulillah! Each family member owns their own land or property in the village of Roy. His mother bought 5 lots for $5000 and placed a 4-bedroom mobile home on them.

His sister bought 4 lots with a 2-bedroom mobile home on them for $5000. For $600, his nephew bought two lots, to develop at a later time. 

His aunt bought a lovely 1-bedroom house on 3 lots for $10,000.

The ensuing two months have been busy getting everyone unpacked and settled into their respective homes. Monica and Tagshier have both started working in Roy School. We have company, support, and people to help us use all the milk and eggs, al hamdulillah!


  1. Allahu akbar!!!! Allah is the Most Merciful. What are wonderful feeling it is be to have family close by. This made my evening, Alhamdulillah!

  2. Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatu hu. I am Umm Umar, Imran knows my sons Umar and Talib'udeen Abdul-Hakeem and my whole family. I am seriously interested in purchasing 10 acres, Insha'Allaah. How do I contact Br. Sharif.

    1. As the comments are moderated,I didn't publish the others but contacted you on your email.


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