Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PDC Homework 1.3 Farm Relationships


A - Composting toilet provides fertilizer for orchard trees and plants
   - Trees provide food, apothecary, and oxygen for animals and humans
   - Trees provide leaf mulch for composting toilet
B - Orchard trees and plants provide food, apothecary, and oxygen for animals and humans
   - Horses fertilize ground and provide transportation of food to root cellar and family house
   - Humans harvest the produce from the orchard and load on cart for animals to take to root cellar/house.
C - Beehive – bees get pollen from the orchard.
- Orchard is pollinated by the bees.
D - Family house uses the honey
   - Horse and cart transport to house fertilizing ground as they go.
E - Border trees and vegetation provide oxygen, grazing and shade for animals (goats, sheep, cows, horses)
   - Border trees function as wind and sound barrier
   - Animals fertilize border trees and vegetation
F Grain is transported in horse and cart to the family house
G - Horse and cart transport harvests from orchard to root cellar and family house
   - Horses fertilize ground as they transport and graze while cart is loaded.
H Border trees provide oxygen and firewood if needed for the family home and food/apothecary
I - Horse and cart take grains to chickens
  - Horses are exercised and fertilize the ground as they transport.
J - Vegetable and fruit scraps from the family house are fed to the chickens 
  - Chickens provide eggs and meat to the family house
K- Playground provides recreation for the family and exercise
  - Family is regenerated and works better in house and on farm
L- Manure from chickens used to fertilize garden area
  - Some of the garden produce goes to feed the chickens
M - People from family house tend the garden
  - Produce from garden goes to family house
N - People from family house get fish from pond
   - Fishing from the pond reduced overpopulation and associated problems
O - Trees provide oxygen, shade, and food/apothecary for people and animals
   - Trees reduce the evaporation rate of the pond
   - Trees create a micro-climate for specific plants and wildlife
P - People from family house exercise the horses
   - Horses provide recreation, exercise, and transportation for the people.
Q - People from family house work in the garden
   - Garden provides food for the people.
R The well provides water for the people in the house, and they maintain and pump water from well
S Well provides irrigation for the grain crops and gardens
T - Well provides water for the animals
   - Horses transport water to other gardens and orchard as required.
U - Livestock graze and fertilize field and provide manure for adjacent grain crops
- Grain crops provide feed for the animals
V Horse and cart transport grain to barn to store for animals
W - Trees provide oxygen, shade, and food for the animals
    - Animals provide fertilizer for trees

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