Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PDC Homework 1.4 Recycling

For 5 items, made from different materials, suggest possible re-use and then various options for recycling in either the home or community.

Reuse - Glass bottles are reused as food/spice storage containers, drinking vessels, and measuring standards (cooking and rain gauges). Bottles can later be used in cob construction to allow different colors of light to illuminate a room. Bottles can also be used to create an alarm to deter garden pest (rabbits). Recycle - Crushed and uncrushed glass can be used as an insulator in a cob oven or rocket stove. Crushed glass can be used for mosaics.
Reuse - Plastic/wooden fruit crates can be reused as stands for small printers, storage for socks and other under garments. The crates can also be used to sift soil or sand. The crates can be reused at your local farmer’s market. Recycle - The plastic can be recycled with your local sanitation company.
Reuse - Toothbrushes can be used to clean tough areas in the bathroom or kitchen. Recycle - After the bristles are worn, the body of the toothbrush can be used as a math manipulative or resource for arts and crafts.  
Reuse - Wooden broom handles be used as the limbs of a scarecrow or roosting bars for chickens. They can also be used as trellises. Recycle - They can also be cut to be used as measuring sticks. After they are too weathered to be reused, they can be used as kindling or markers in a garden. They can also be chipped into mulch or bedding or animals.
Reuse - Clothes are passed down to younger children, Recycle - later they can be cut up and used as cleaning rags. Clothes that are not suitable to be used as cleaning rags can be made into doll clothes, or rag rugs. Natural fibers can be used in compost.

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