Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All Around the Mulberry Bush about Deodorant

Years ago we eliminated anti-antiperspirant from our lives; it is both unnatural and unhealthy. However, deodorant still has an important role in our lives, especially as we are still currently living in Madinah, Saudi Arabia and it is boiling hot here. Over our summer at Healing Earth, while the temperatures were pretty moderate we worked hard, so still sought an effective deodorant. We bought natural, eco friendly, safe, and healthy deodorants - all with variable and limited efficacy.

To address the issue, I went online and made one of the paste deodorant recipes with baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil and essential oils. I later added some ground crystal rock and it worked well. However, it never lasted for a whole day.  So back I went searching for ideas for an improved deodorant.  And what did I find? That I wasted my time and should have just remembered my old friend who was allergic to all deodorant. She used baking soda. I rubbed a little under my arms and never looked back.

Next, we put it to a real test. My husband and the rest of the family used it during Umrah. 100+ degrees fahrenheit, crammed in the tawwaf with a few hundred other people, dripping with sweat, we went around the Ka'abah at 11:00 a.m. under the blazing sun. Seven rounds and then seven trips between Safa and Marwa holding a baby, before a long walk back to the car. We went back to our apartment and I immediately stuck my nose into my husbands sweaty armpit (yep, that's love) and it didn't smell like anything. I mean NOTHING. Amazed, my husband set out to test it in all manner of situations and even after a long day in the heat and sun, he was odor free at night. Baking soda, cheap, natural, renewable, and extremely multifunctional...the best deodorant we have EVER used, maashaa Allah...and we can brush our teeth with it (another post is due on our natural dental care),  wash our hair with it, clean with it, use it for laundry, deodorize the fridge and shoes, and make soda bread, too!

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  1. Assalamu alaikum. I am definitely going to try this inshallah today. May Allah grant you and your family the best ramadan.


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