Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Special Gift from Allah

On November 16th, we received an email notifying us that we had received $50 via PayPal from a sister. She read about our stolen wood stove and sent money to help. Subahaan Allah wa bi hamdihi, subhaana Rabbi al Atheem!

While there are lists of things we need for the homestead, we prefer to spend money in a way that will benefit the giver in a lasting way. Therefore, we plan to buy another developed Pinon tree and plant it on her behalf as a sadaqah jaariyah (continuous charity) bi idhnillah, ta'ala. This will bring this year's count to five developed trees on our farm; we need trees desperately but have no budget for them.

Al hamdulillahi Rabbil al ameen wa jazaak Allahu khayran to the sister for her generosity and caring.

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