Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ramadan 1437/ June-July 2016

We have split the updates into monthly sections, to keep it more manageable for us and you. This is update one of four.

The usual heat wave came for a week at the end of June, with temperatures up in the 90s and long sunny days. /As always, Allah sent relief with the dry climate and cooling winds each afternoon, with occasional rain. This weather was the general trend through Ramadan, and the rest of July. We saw the emergence of new wildflowers and plants, the dying out of some of the early spring flowers, and plenty of free veggies in the form of lamb's quarters...a delicious spinach substitute that grows plentifully on our land, al hamdulillah.

After Eid, mid-July time, we moved water troughs and the mineral block over to our 23 acre pasture and took our cows over there to graze for the summer. We were late getting them over this year, but plan to move them over by May 1st next year when things are fresh and green. In letting them graze the 23 acres, we cut our cost of hay down drastically over the summer months, only having to feed the calves and sheep. Ideally, if we can arrange for sheep fence next year we will put the sheep over to graze as well, but with the cows gone, they had the grass in 2.2 acre animal corral to graze.

Another change we made was to have the half ton bales of hay, which contain oat grass, set out on the pasture in the corral. This has several benefits, including eliminating the need to feed daily bales to the animals, leaving them to eat what suffices them, and seeding the pasture with oats and other grasses from the seeds in the bales. Already we have seen oat grass sprouting up from the oats in the straw bales used in the barn, so it is an effortless way to reseed and introduce new fodder for the livestock, al hamdulillah.

Accommodation was placed, by way of a travel trailer that sleeps five, over by the Masjid, which also provides a place for visitors to make wudhu. This is now part of the Masjid al Muqarraboon endowment/waqf, along with the three acres of land it sits on to be developed into a campground for Muslims, insha'Allah.

Just before Ramadan began, we purchased a 1975 single-wide mobile home. With three bedrooms and 1.5 baths, the 14' x 70' mobile home cost just $950, included many appliances, furnishings, and a wood stove, masha'Allah. Insha'Allah, we will be remodeling it over the next few months. The cost to move it was the greatest expense, at $1800, but difficulties in getting traffic department permissions delayed us getting it as initially scheduled on the second day of Eid. Al hamdulillah, it was surely for the good.

This marks a complete year that we have been living on our farm, seeing the changes and building relationships with families and individuals in the neighboring villages. The support offered and given to us has been heartfelt and generous, al hamdulillah. If an ignorant resident makes a comment about us, people who know us will either refute it or check with us to verify the truth of the matter. We have remained open, frank, welcoming of all questions, and giving of whatever we can, masha'Allah. We moved here with the intention of giving, not taking, and yet Allah has provided for us from people and places we would never have imagined.

So what do we have, bi idhn Illah ta'ala, after a year and starting with nothing?

15 laying hens and a rooster
9 Suffolk sheep – 5 ewes, four rams
4 Jersey dairy cows
1 Jersey heifer
1 Simmental Angus calf – a steer being raised for our own organic zabiha beef
19 rabbits - 3 New Zealand does, 1 Dutch buck, 15 bunnies
2 Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd guardian dogs

Three travel trailers – one small to sleep two, the Masjid one sleeping five, and the one we have lived in since October 2015 sleeping six.

Three shipping containers – one for the Masjid, one for the livestock barn, one for our storage, dairy, and emergency shelter.

Plowed areas for planting, tilled and mulched areas for growing food, seven more trees, several more fruit bushes, and much more...

Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

We say, “Not a single one, alhamdulillah!”


  1. As'salaamu alaikum. ALhamdulillah! I so happy to see/read all your progress. MAsha'allah. It''s amazing all you have accomplished with the land, animals and family.

    May Allah increase your bleasing and grant great success in this life and the next Ameen.

    I so lookING forward to the next part. Stay safe and blessed.

    1. Wa alaykum ussalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh dear Rumaysa.
      I have tried to respond to all your comments but my phone gives me problems, maashaa Allah.
      Jazaak Illahu khayran for all your support and concern. We have been perfectly well, alhamdulillah. Demographics in this part of the country are quite different, and we are quite removed from the social climate existing in many parts of the country maashaa Allah wa alhamdulillah.

      AMEEN to your every dua and may Allah bless you with even more - AMEEN!


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